To discover what Akashic beings are working with you to support this embodied life, it’s possible to work directly in the Akashics via an Akashic Temple.

Meeting beings in an Akashic Temple has amazing benefits because not only does it directly and immediately effect the issue in our embodied life, but it also works holistically on the entirety of our lived experience here as well as at our soul level.  Because we are working in the Akashics the transformation incorporates all of who we are, both our embodied soul and our higher self, and moves us forward on our path in all aspects.  This has the added effect of allowing us to experience a more direct connection with our higher self and the wisdom it holds.  And once you’ve been introduced to an Akashic Temple in this way a connection forms which allows you continued access as you move forward on your path.

For those who are called to transformational work or who just want to know more about what the Akashics has to offer, here is meditation for accessing an Akashic Temple.