To everything there is a season, right?  I have students and clients that come to me wanting to know why they aren’t making progress or why nothing is working.  They can tell me all the things which they are doing in their lives to make things better but things either don’t change or can even get worse.  It’s so confusing and yet they keep trying everything they can think of….

What people seem to forget in all the doing is that things have a time and a place.  The medical profession keeps trying to tell us this about antibiotics and yet we  take them for things that aren’t affected by them or we take the wrong way and so get no benefit and tend to make the bad things resistant.  *sigh*  We think things are good intrinsically when it is how and when we apply them that makes all the difference.  Yoga and Reiki and both wonderful practices and give beneficial results in most cases, but if the issue at hand has nothing to do with them they can be a neutral or even a negative in the situation hindering the person from doing what they are supposed to be doing and exacerbating the issue.

If the issue for someone is that they need to turn inward and be with themselves to deal with difficult emotional issues, then doing positive activities with others is going to be a negative and a distraction.  If working with issues that have been uncovered through spiritual work is what is most needed in the situation then doing things to release negativity and try to empty the self-will not only be self-defeating but could exacerbate the issues that have been uncovered.  If the idea is to discover emotions, work with them and incorporate them into a healthy life, then doing things that are calming and peaceful and meditative is shoving things down and prolonging the inevitable rather than healing things.

So when thinking about what would serve you best in your life right now, think about what you’re choosing and ask if it’s actually a distraction from what you’re really needing to do or if it is supporting you in moving forward.