It’s like trying to feed a kid their medicine.  It’s the one thing that will make them feel better, it’s even flavored for gawd sake, but its the last thing they want and you have to wrestle them down and hold them like a cat trying to get this stuff far enough down ’em that they can’t spit it out.  That’s how a great many of us deal with whatever lesson or healing we have to do to get on with our path and our lives.

Not that I’m immune.  I have that issue when I’m writing on deadline.  Suddenly everything else in life is far more important and not only that but fascinating!  Laundry?  I’m on it!  Cleaning the stove?  I’m there.  Dusting?  Yup.  Gotta vacuum too.  Oh, scrub down the shower?  It’s on the list.  Want to know if someone’s a writer well you can tell by the piles of whiskey bottles and pizza boxes you have to wade through or the OCD cleanliness of the house.  Both key indicators of a writer in their “process.” lol  Of course the hard-drinking pizza writers tell us obsessive cleaners that we’re doing it wrong, but I’ll have the last laugh as their liver gives out…ahem…where was I?  Oh yeah, avoidance.

The very last thing we want to do is usually the key to our release from the stuck spot we’ve been in.  It’s usually difficult, sometimes painful, takes more than just a little effort and time, but if it were anything but we’d have tried it already.  We’re all for trying anything, everything, for coming up with excuses looking, even looking for something that will tell us we’re wrong and we’re just supposed to suffer in this stuck state forever.  I mean it’s not all that bad.  We’re miserable, but the devil you know, right?  Right?

So you can wait until all options are exhausted, when there is absolutely no shiny object to distract you any further and then finally take your medicine or you can choose to deal with the issue, unpleasant and difficult as it may be, and move on without all the wasted effort.  It’s up to you.  Now I’m going to go sweep and mop the hallway…