So many people have trust issues.  Their bodies and their emotions can’t trust them.  They can’t be trusted to listen when the body needs something even when it signals so loud that the message is deafening.  At best there is benign neglect, but often there is also punishment.  Anything the body wants or needs its punished for even speaking about.  Being ignored seems the better option, but the resentment builds up so when a request comes down for something special or extra, the answer is no or like Lucy with the football, it’s sure…um nope.  Sorry.  People are even worse with their emotions, except for a select few, they are all seen as dangerous animals that must be caged or even thrust into the black hole of never again for all eternity.

Then people wonder why they can’t find any joy in life and they are plagued with physical issues.  *face palm*  They try everything they can think of that is outside of them from pills to meditation, yoga to marathon running, dieting to shopping therapy.  All of which results in a lot of side effects and left over “stuff” but no real or lasting change.  Because the root cause of things hasn’t changed.  The emotions are still sealed up in that cave and the body doesn’t trust anything that’s happening to it and that distrust is confirmed over and over again through abuse and the newest fad it’s subjected to.

At some point, either through a breakthrough of enlightenment or a brick wall, reached my bottom moment of either the body breaking seriously or emotions causing a break down, a person will be forced to face the music.  They will be forced into dealing with their trust issues.  As they say in the vernacular “they will have a come to Jesus meeting where the truth will be brought to their attention.”  Personally I would think the enlightenment approach preferrable since there is less pain and anguish, destruction and mayhem involved, but that’s just me.  Everyone has their own way of going about things.  But in the end, if we’re looking for that centered peace, that wholeness of being, the first place to start is with building trust.  Or, to be more accurate, for us to become trustworthy.  To become our own best ally for our own well being starting with how we treat ourselves.