Throughout my childhood I was told that I would goto college and get a degree and do something intelligent with it.  And that was pretty much the scope of my plans for the future.  When I was 18 I forged ahead to find a school and when I got there I focused on getting my degree.  And when that was done it was like free fall. I had no idea what to do next or what the plan was. I’d accomplished all my plans and still needed to eat.  Go figure.

From there my life has become an adventure I don’t think could have been invented by a sci-fi novelist on a dare.  Good, bad, and everything in between.  The one thing I wish I’d had was someone telling me as a child that life happens while you’re making plans in a very, very good way.  Opportunities arise and we should jump on them, serendipity shows up at the last second and allows us to experience something marvelous that changes us, we find something we didn’t even know we needed/wanted and things start making a new kind of sense.  In my childhood all of that was seen as negative, distracting, disastrous and to be avoided at all costs.  Needless to say, I’ve moved past that to embrace the amazing.

So are you becoming what you thought you’d be when you grew up?  Should you?  Are expectations you had for yourself and your life matching up to who you are now?  Or is it time to make some new plans, get a new vision, select an identity that matches the you that is becoming in this moment?  Are you where you thought you’d be? Are you somewhere better?  Or are you sitting back waiting for fate to fix it?  Believe it or not, Fate is probably waiting for you.  Are you ready to become who you really are?