I’ve heard it said that teachers in mystery schools are intentionally vague and frustratingly non-sensical when it comes to teaching about the Universe and how to be your best self in it.  I’ve experienced that myself and on the one had I understand it because no teacher can give you the experience of doing it for yourself.  Books, and lectures, and graphics can give you all the information, but until you do it you don’t actually ‘know it’ and free will gives you the ability to do or not do and do it any way you want, so they best they can do is explain and point and lead you in the direction you’re asking about, then help once you start doing it.

What is frustrating for me is the laws of the Universe around manifestation.  *Ask for what you want or you won’t get it.  *Be specific about what you want or you will get something that meets the letter of the request but isn’t actually what you want.  *Don’t limit how it should look or the Universe won’t be able to get it to you or you to it.  *Be open to possibilities and don’t get locked into only one outcome or result.  Wow, contradictory much?  Be specific but be open, don’t limit but don’t be vague.  I feel like Kung Fu working in the temple.  Walk on the rice paper without tearing it.  😛

The truth is that, like art, manifesting is about knowing in your heart.  It’s about loving something with your mind.  Marrying desire to thought puts out a signal to the Universe that this needs to happen.  And the Universe does answer.  The thing is that the Universe is not a solitary being sitting their waiting for you to want something.  It’s a complex conversation of all things living and what you want and need and ask for needs to come out of it.  Which means while all those free wills are free willing it or not, because they have the right through free will to not use it (how democratic), your call gets entered into the mix, become part of the beautiful conversation that they are all having and within that someone/thing/event(s) will respond and “Whalla!”  Your answer arrives.

So in all that complexity, be specific, but don’t be limiting.  Because in the great conversation that is the Universe we live in, the answer just might be “No” if you’re asking to win such and so Lottery on such and so day.  But if you’re asking to have all your bills paid for this month without missing out on things like food, it just might be that the Universe can get you there in better ways that you can imagine.  Plus maybe a movie thrown in.