2015-04-30 13.14.162015-04-30 13.14.322015-04-30 16.33.42 2015-04-30 13.16.50So it’s the first of May (There’s a great song about that by Jonathan Coulton that is NSFW but you can look it up on Youtube). For me, I’m reveling in the culmination of 5 years work to create a backyard oasis.  The pink rose that the developers managed not to destroy has become a John Waterhouse backdrop, Happy Buddha is blessing a field of lavender and bluebells, the dragon mother is finally enfolded by lilacs growing big enough to be pruned for cut flowers and I’ve brought in the first roses and lilacs of the season without diminishing the abundance outside!  Beltane is a day of revelry and I’m going to go out and do some more.  How about you?