A great deal of people live their lives that way.  At least I know what this is about.  At least I can deal with how things are right now. What if things changed?  Could I deal with it?  Would it be worse?  It would probably be worse.  And so they keep things status quo.  Which is an illusion and a lot of hard work.  Nothing stays status quo.  Just think about a river for a moment.  We talk about rivers like they are single entities which take action in reaction to their environment.  Which is a huge fabrication on our part to make them seem controllable.

No river is a single entity it is a volume of fluids (mostly water) in movement.  Stand in a river and think about this:  the water that is flowing past and around you right now was not there a second ago and won’t be there a second from now.  In each second it is completely different water that has a momentary relationship with you and with the river bed and the other water that is passing through.  It just seems like it’s all one big thing because it’s located in one general area and we need to believe that it is one thing in order to make sense of it and not feel overwhelmed.

Life is like that.  It happens while you’re making plans that let you feel as if you have some control.  But what if you let go of that control?  What if you allowed yourself to see people as human beings living in a moment?  What if you allowed yourself to see the situation you are in as changeable instead of fated?  As a means to make your life better instead of a dreadful thing needing to be survived.  And if it didn’t make your life better, you could change it?  Because the essence of the Universe is change and things are changing all around you.  What if floating on top of the river allowing it to support you happened instead of you fighting to stay in one place against its current?

If you lost sight of the devil you knew an floated down the river, would there be more devils or would there be paradise?  Or would there be something completely different?  Come with me and let’s find out?  🙂