In order to talk about spiritual matters, well to talk about anything really, our logical left brains categorize things, make structure and meaning out of things, which has led us, along with hundreds of other influences, to talk about the soul and the body as separate entities.  Spiritual and religious teachings reinforce this by talking about the soul entering the body and leaving it for various reasons, talking about physical life being temporary, and how the various parts of a human (mind/soul/emotions) all influence the body, like it’s a small child that needs to be monitored at all times or a pet to cared for.

However, these are just thought constructs.  They are pictures in our minds, language structures that give us the ability to talk about them, not how they actually interrelate or interact at all.  Or more like a flickering shadow on the wall that only reflects a partial impression of their true nature.  Because the body isn’t a meat suit we put on when we’re born and shuck when we die. It is a part of us, a reflection of who we are, an integral part of the soul and everything about it is connected to who we truly are.  Sorry if that’s depressing for some, but it shouldn’t be.  It means that you have an amazing insight into what is going on in your life that you can use to help you navigate towards your best and highest good.

Your body reflects to you what is going on in the big picture of your life.  Having stomach troubles?  Regular heart burn could mean you’re constantly swallowing things that burn you up or you need to deal with.  Stop trying to just take it and stand up for yourself.  Ulcers?  What you’re doing is destroying your ability to receive the nutrients of life like joy and happiness and pleasure.  You are dwelling too much on what Martha Beck calls ‘dirty pain’.  It isn’t real, it hasn’t happened, it isn’t happening now, it’s worry in your head and in your body for something that may never occur.  Let it go and deal with what is in front of you.  Heal your ability to receive and you’ll stop the hurt.

And don’t take my word for it, the ancient medical arts from India and China know about these correspondences and utilize them for healing and Native cultures around the world know about holistic healing as well.  The body plays charades for our benefit trying, as a last-ditch resort, to get us to wake-up to what we are doing to ourselves, to our soul.  Our body reflects for us who we are and the results of our choices and our beliefs.  What is your body telling you?