People tend to listen to their bodies when the message is so loud that it drowns out everything else or when the body decides to taken everything offline and stop the car.  Injuries, chronic illness, chronic pain, repeated issues like migraines, we listen to that.  Anything else the body has to say is steadfastly ignored.  We listen to other voices talking about our bodies like our emotions which point out what we don’t like or what keeps us from fitting in or connecting or having relationship.  We listen to our brains talk about uses for our body and how it falls short of our goals.

But rarely do we tune in and really listen to our bodies.  Listen to the non-dramatic, non-critical voice which is trying to tell us what we actually need.  The voice that says more sleep would give us more energy and allow us to stop craving carbs and caffeine.  The voice which says less things would be better if you would put down the glass, turn on your favorite music and dance. The voice that says things would be better if you took all that energy and did something positive with it like building or playing a game or just running.

We drown out that voice because we think our body is a servant to our higher nature. That our minds know better even though they are blind to an amazingly large amount of things going on in and around us every moment. We drown out that voice because it’s inconvenient, doesn’t fit into the schedule, seems selfish, doesn’t meet our need to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others, doesn’t get us that promotion, doesn’t help us fit in.  It’s just the most nurturing, loving, blessed voice we own.  If we tune into it, just listen for a little bit, take one step to heed what it’s saying, the benefits can be near miraculous.