Melody Beattie The New Codependency

“Our body has knowledge and wisdom. Listen to what it’s saying. Do we want to touch someone? Do we want them to touch us? Do we move away from someone, back off? Do we cringe when someone touches our arm? Pay attention to the body’s wisdom in our daily life, not only during sex. Our bodies communicate clearly if we listen. We don’t ever have to have sex when or with someone we don’t want to. Stay present, aware , in our body, then we’ll know what we want, don’t want, like, and detest. If we become aware that we don’t like how we’re being touched, – even if we’re in the midst of intimacy – listen to and respect how we feel. It’s not too late to stop. Never force our body to endure invasive, inappropriate, unwanted touch from anyone, whether it’s a friend, lover, or an invasive medical treatment. We don’t even have to be hugged if we don’t want that. Respect whatever our body tells us. It can inform us when someone is lying, is untrustworthy, or doesn’t like is. It can tell us if we don’t like someone else. But out body can’t tell us anything if we don’t listen. Let our body share its wisdom.

We can listen to what our body wants in areas other than intimacy. It’ll tell us if we’re comfortable being in someone’s home, car, or restaurant. Some of us are so used to forcing ourselves through unpleasant situations that we habitually ignore body wisdom. We make a practice of forcing ourselves through many life situations. We treat our bodies with the same disrespect as the people who originally victimized us dead. Learn to treat ourselves better. Protect, respect, and honor our body. Let it become a trusted friend.”