It’s great to be able to see the big picture and to look at all the possible outcomes of taking this action or that.  It’s a great way to make a plan of action, but looking at all the components and possibilities and putting things together from the best of all of it.  Sometimes this kind of puzzle working creates something you had never thought of before and leads to amazing results that can even include unplanned experiences, gifts of connection and synchronicities that make everything a blessing.

However, many people have a tendency to use this planning process as a mask.  They have fears about the process, about moving forward, about the changes that will occur, about the unknown, about the known, you name it.  But they don’t want to admit that or actually feel that or have to confront it or deal with it, usually because they know their fears aren’t based in fact and can be moved through.  But being uncomfortable, anxious, fearful is well…uncomfortable. So rather than do that or feel that or be that people stall things in the planning stage with the “But What If?” You know the “Yes, that all makes complete sense and does seem to be the best way to go, but what if this happens?”  Or “Yes, I can see this is for my best and highest good, but what if I were to do something that would put my path on hold in order to support someone else and see of our relationship can blossom?” Or “Hmmm…yes, this is exactly what I always wanted, but what if I’m not ready/don’t have the resources/things go incredibly wrong because I’m incompetent?”

Sometimes the what if is a great tool to prompt us into looking at the forseeable outcome of our actions.  But many times they are the catastrophic, out of control story spinning of a person unwilling to trust themselves, invest in themselves, or just plain old be uncomfortable in that initial time between ready to rock-n-roll and rockin’ it.  The thing is, we’ve been through it a thousand times before in our lives already.  Happy and sad for us this gives us experience and insight into the process which can make us more or less willing to do it again.  Just like that silly blue dress picture, it really is all in how you look at it.  Are you going to what if yourself into never having what you want or will today be the day you start to rock?