Our lives are a conversation between ourselves and everything else.  Between us and the Universe there is this Marco/Polo going on of us saying “I am this” and the Universe responding “Yes you are”.  And it says “I am this”.  And you react to it because ‘yes, it is’…..

But what if you change the this that is you?  What if you are no longer the victim waiting to be rescued?  What if you are no longer the survivor of abuse but a healthy human being that experienced abuse at one time long ago?  What if now you are the holder of dreams?  What if you are now the active ingredient in a life that is becoming fabulous?

Well then, when you say “I am this” the Universe will respond, “Yes you are”.  And life will become incredibly different from what it was.  That’s not to say that it will become perfect or you will win the lottery, but at least you will have bought a ticket.  And it may be that you weren’t meant to win it at all, but to meet someone in the store who is also buying a lottery ticket.  And that person has that one thing you need to make that first dream come true.  Which leads you to another dream and another ticket…..