One of the things I have learned from reaching people’s soul books is that there is a limit to how much future information or just information in general that any particular client can take in, which is directly connected with the transformation nature of the information.  I can go through reams of past life information with a client if it’s not directly connected or relevant to this lifetime, because that’s like telling them interesting stories by the fire after dinner.  It’s lovely but doesn’t take much energy, just their passive presence.

Their ability to absorb things becomes much more limited when the information is actionable.  When the client is in a relationship that is ending or has ended emotionally but no actions have yet been taken, talking about the distant future where they have positive relationships and an entirely new and different life is fine….if I want to watch the information enter into one ear and exit out the other just as quickly.  All of their attention is, appropriately, fixed on the now; they focus on what all of this means, how it is changing them, changing their lives, transforming them into the person they were meant to be, freeing them from a difficult situation, etc, etc, etc.  The future is a lovely thought concept out there that will be reassuring at some future date when they’ll care.

Same thing with changing jobs or careers.  The future is a lovely theory, the energy is about the now and what needs to be invested to make this caterpillar to butterfly change or the escape to a better situation, or the acceptance of a change that has already occurred.  What comes after can look after itself for a bit.  At the beginning of my career I would see all of this information and read it off to the client, then get frustrated because they would ignore it and loop back to the now and ask again and again for answers that I’ve just given them.  Over time I learned that when the bandwidth isn’t there, they just can’t hear it.  They need to focus on the now.  Sometimes I feel that the information is important so I let them know that they don’t need to worry about it right now, but I’m going to read it out to them so it’s on the recording and they can access it later when they are ready.  For others I know to just not worry about it because they are going to get there eventually.  So when the clients comes back and tells me they want to look at this thing they’ve been wanting to do for…you know…ever, I can go directly to that part of their record because I’ve been there before.  Makes the reading easier. 🙂

Which, for me, answers the question, what would you do if you knew your future?  If you had the bandwidth you would take on the challenges and change your reality.  If you didn’t you would ignore it all and just keep going the way you’ve been going because you’ve got enough on your plate and can’t take on any more, even if the new insight changes everything you’re doing or even makes it irrelevant.  Everything comes in its own time and as much as we are eternal, our attention spans and abilities to cope in this embodied life are finite.  So when you can hear the message, you will.