I’m still confused by what people mean by that.  Or by the vague, “I got this information in the Akashics.”  Well, from whom?  From where in the Akashics?  The Akashics is not a who, but a place, and it doesn’t spit out random bits of information to people who drop into a meditative state.  It’s not a hovering all-knowing presence waiting for us to fall into an open state so we can hear it’s wisdom any more than Paris or Maui or Zimbabwe are.  It’s a place where beings reside. One part of that place is the Akashic records which are in the Akashic Library.  One can access knowledge and wisdom there or can ask someone for help on a matter of interest.  There is a great deal of wisdom to be had there which can lead to empowerment, enlightenment, and even possibly wisdom.  It can provide healing on a variety of aspects of being and help our growth as living beings.  But it isn’t a faery godmother waiting to sprinkle us with happiness dust.

So when I see people saying they access the Akashics I go looking for more.  How are they doing it?  Who are they contacting?  What questions are they asking?  If I can’t find any of that then I go spelunking a bit farther.  Are they claiming to have great knowledge about the world that hasn’t been known before?  Do they use ‘new age speak’ to refer to things vaguely which seem to have no relevance to real life?  If so then I just stop reading.  What’s the point?  Either they will be stating “truths” that their perception of things or the wisdom they received is “The Wisdom” which contradicts everyone else out there who purports to have received wisdom from the Akashics this way or they will be giving out some theory that this world is an illusion and we are in complete control of it or control none of it.  None of which is practical for the reader except as marketing to buy their book or to bring in more clients.

Mike Meyers - Love GuruI would be less skeptical if they could be clear about where they were getting the information.  Are they channeling it and from what source?  If they can’t even figure out the person they are speaking with or are unwilling to even query them, then how can they know that the information they are receiving is accurate?  Because not everyone on the other side is omniscient, omnipotent, and infallible.  Hell, we come from the other side and that’s where we go at the end of life.  Do we become all of that when we die?  I haven’t found any evidence of it in the hundreds and hundreds of soul books I’ve read, the documents I’ve gone through, and nor have I found that to be true of the thousands of beings I’ve communicated with in the Akashics.

Just like here, they have their own experiences, their own perspectives, and their own skill sets so what information they have to give is influenced by these just as ours would be.  Also, the information we get back isn’t necessarily “the truth” any more than any survey gets unbiased information.  The information you get back is heavily influenced by the type and the way you asked the question.  So if you’re looking for information on multiple universes, multi-dimensional life, and new ways to see this world that “make it all make sense” then you will more than likely find that information.  Is that information relevant?  Is it complete?  Is it being given out of context?  Without being honest, critical, and logical about the search for new information or understandings about the world, there is no way to know if the information is even worth the pixels it uses for display in the electronic world.

Channeling the Akashics is not a means to create authority.  In fact it’s a red flag that what you’re presenting can’t stand on its own two feet.  If they aren’t speaking directly about the Akashics, if they aren’t citing how they came to their understanding of what they’re writing about, if they can’t cite their sources and the amount of checking, verifying, and working with the information they have done beyond personal meditation, then you may want to walk away.  Because the Akashics isn’t a guru, it’s a place.  Everyone goes there.  Everyone has access.  Connecting with it doesn’t make you special, it makes you normal.