Today is such dichotomy. Either you are at your destination and so have shaken off all the cares and worries of the world and are settled in for enjoyment of the holiday or you are freaking out trying to get all the last-minute minutia done before you run out of time.  Or you have run out of time and you are rushing to get where you need to be.  There doesn’t seem to be any in between these two opposites.  Relaxed or frenetic today is the rule.

So if you are relaxed, don’t start thinking about what you might have forgotten.  Just keep relaxing and enjoy.  If you are frenetic, remember that things get exponentially more difficult, get broken, or get clumsy in respect to how much you ‘don’t have time for this’.  Your loved ones won’t keel over if you can’t get that last cube of butter or that last card.  They just want you anyway, and preferably all in one piece.

So be careful, be patient, especially with yourself, and get where you’re going safely and with your sanity at least partially in tact.  If you still have your sense of humor, you’re golden.  Have a Happy Christmas,everyone.