Life requires us to prioritize.  These things over here are more important, those are time critical, this is necessary to make sure we have the necessities for survival, that will keep the peace, and all of this other stuff will just need to wait until we can get to it.  Because there’s only so much time in the day, right?  And only so much of us that can be expended no matter what the underdog, give ’til it hurts, you’ve got that one last reserve you never knew you had movies say.

But there are only so many days in a year and so many years in a life.  If we live in mouse mind, looking down, paying attention only to what is in front of us, what we need to scurry to keep up with, we miss the bigger picture and therefore make uninformed choices.  What if our priorities are wrong?  What if what seems important really isn’t in the scheme of things?  What if it’s only important if we’re trying to get through this moment instead of being in it?  What if keeping the peace isn’t the best course of action?  What if the time critical things don’t matter?  Then their time frame is irrelevant, right?

If we stop for a moment and allow ourselves hawk mind, the ability to soar above it all and be free from restraint, we are able to look down at the big picture.  We can not only see that it’s all small stuff we shouldn’t be sweating, but, even better, we can pick out the juicy bits that are really important.  We can see the things that we will regret not doing, the things we’ll remember forever for having done them.  Best of all, that priority triage matrix we use to plan our day, our week, our life, it’s changeable.  It’s not physics, it’s up to us.  So lift yourself above the daily grind today.  Take a moment to feel completely supported by the air and your own wings.  When you look down at life, not just yours but the bigger picture of all you’re interconnected with, what inspires you?  What makes you smile and fills you with energy?  If you can’t see anything, time to start rethinking things, don’tcha think?