When I was training to become a sign language interpreter one of the concepts that really struck me was the fact that to interpret you have separate the meaning from the words used so that you can put the meaning back out in another language.  And while you’re stripping out the meaning from the words, you also have to add in the meaning you get from inflection, from body language, from the subtle cues that are non-verbal to the mix and then put that into your translation as well. Because language is not separate from culture so how one culture represents something visually, through body language, through tone, through attitude and facial expression can be very different from another.  One of the prime examples of this is the difference between head nodding in America vs Greece.  In America nodding the head up and down means yes while shaking it from side to side means no.  It is completely the opposite in Greece which can get tourists into all types of difficulties.

Attempting to put communication, the means by which we attempt to express thoughts or meaning, into linear form such as written or spoken language forces and contorts it into shapes which wasn’t necessarily the intent.  And in our efforts to communicate clearly, we can lose sight of the fact that our words are just symbols for the meaning we are attempting to convey.  The words begin to feel like meaning themselves and take on more relevance than they necessarily would have.  We begin to rely on them to make meaning instead of seeing them as one of many tools we have for communication.

Working in the Akashics requires you to move away from a dependence on words for communication.  It’s not about magical thinking or telepathy, but an opening of the right brain’s means of seeing the symbolic nature of experience and reuniting that with the logical left brain which distills meaning from that input.  It’s about seeing the pictures and getting the world play being presented, about watching a pun being enacted, about seeing all the levels of symbolism in one interaction, about seeing the interconnection of simple and mundane things that bring a bigger understanding of this now.  As well as much, much more.

If you are working in the Akashics and everything seems dreamlike yet full of epiphanies and symbolism which leaves you asking “What does that mean?” then you are on the right track.  Because communication is much more than linear..