cocktail_glass-wideI was reading something today that suddenly brought things into focus:

“Fire qi is the full expression of Wood’s vision. Fire brings forth the rose, lays the paint on the canvas, and gives voice to the song that’s been forming in the depths of your heart.

“Fire is intense, passionate, and calls forth our need to connect with one another. In a Fire year, no longer satisfied with the pursuit of our dreams, we now can bring things into actuality. And as we see things manifest, we want to gather with our tribe, raise a glass and celebrate.”  Narrye Caldwell

So much about this year is stirring up people’s needs to connect.  To create healthy connection, to be seen, to fully express themselves, to not only have a voice, but to use it in expression that is heard and appreciated. There are so many people who have used the old templates for what a good life should consist of (house, yard, spouse, career, children, pets, vehicle, vacations…) only to find that it doesn’t add up to a full life. They stifle their needs with silence, cover them over with gratitude practices, struggle when the needs escape and seek our affairs and addictions, all the while feeling like they are broken or weak, not understanding why their life is not enough.

We aren’t mass manufactured. A one size fits all life plan isn’t going to fit most. Life is a bit like trying to find a pair of jeans that fits. You’ll struggle to find that one that is made just right for you and in the end have to do some little adjustment anyway. We need to connect. We need to be seen, fully seen, not just by one person, but by our tribe and at this point in the game, every one has more than one. Fire connects. Fire leaps from one branch to another, merging with other fires, sharing in its wondrous blaze. Let’s light up the world by shining with and for each other.