When we think about how we are connected to people we think of emotions: love, friendship, grief, shared misery, and hate. Or our connections can seem to be formed from thoughts, communities coming together through mutual interests, perspectives, or goals. Spiritual aspects of life call us into connection whether through intimate relationship or community which gathers to practice, learn and grow. While all of these have physical actions which can manifest from them, they are themselves ephemeral. It can seem as if our connections with others are internal and their connections with us a mystery.

What most people do not realize is these connections have a physical manifestation apart from our actions.  Within us the Akasha is constantly flowing, allowing us to create ourselves and incorporate our becoming into our greater soul beingness.  Part of our Akasha, our soul essence, reaches out when we connect with people in any form, emotional/mental/spiritual. When our Akasha meets theirs a cord is created. It is a living connection which works somewhat like a computer’s internet cable, constantly sending energy/information back and forth from one person to the other.

Cord connections come in all strengths and sizes. While most people equate this with a soul mate, significant other or a child, we also have cords with our co-workers, friends, family of origin, neighbors, and people we see on a regular basis such as bartenders, grocery clerks, or mail persons.  The strength and persistence of the cord reflects the nature of the connection both in size and location. Neighbors might be connected to our right leg if we’re working on a project together such as Neighborhood Watch or a block party. The connection might be on our left leg if they are simply supportive, good neighbors who make our life pleasant. People we meet throughout our day might connect with our left arm because they make things better by helping us get what we need done while co-workers might connect with our right because they help us create products and services which go out into the world.

Cords are a natural part of how we connect in embodied life. They are neither good nor bad in themselves, but instead manifest who we are and who we become in union with others. As the physical aspect of our connection to others they can provide us with amazing insights into ourselves as well as those we care for. Through awareness, nurturance and good energetic hygiene we can foster the types of community, friendships and family we deserve.