We a taught in school and even preschool that creating is a definable thing we do.  It’s a moment in time where we create a something like a picture or a clay animal or an ashtray or a popsicle person.  And then we go on to do something else.  We are taught that creativity has its place and should be relegated to making things, to art time, and should not have to do with regular things like walls or surfaces or yards.  We are taught that the stories we make up and live are not creativity, they are make believe and therefore not valuable.  We are taught to value reality as it is, to see exploration as something other people do in story books and histories, that science has nothing to do with being creative and that we need to ‘grow up.’

Well, I refuse to grow up. Ask my family.  🙂  And I refuse to see creativity as limited to arts and crafts night and only to things that hang on a wall or a window or gather dust on a table.  Beauty is not only for the eye, but for all the senses and creativity is how we live our lives every day.  The choices we make about what to where, where to live, even what to have for breakfast is a creative act.  It creates something that wasn’t there before and weaves that into the tapestry of life all around us, not just in our personal history.  What we do matters and what we do participates in the world around us adding our particular creations to the All.

There is no such thing as ‘make believe.’  It’s just a creative way of weaving possibilities into the world that weren’t there before.  A way of allowing our dreams to have their first forms, like releasing pieces of colored paper into the breeze and watching them drift away on their own paths.  Inspiration comes to those who open themselves up to possibility, to doing what the heart wants and following through with it until it’s accomplished.  What song will your heart sing today?  Will it sing out loud?  Will it whisper softly of what could be?  What colors attract your eye?  What dance do you feel and will your feet follow this message from your soul?  What will you create today?