For several months I have been working on creating a class for DailyOm that teaches the uninitiated how to reach the Akashic realm and how to read the record of their soul there.  I have finally finished the eighth and final lesson.  Yay!!  I hope to be putting the class into their system this coming week and it will be available for purchase there soon.  Stay tuned.

Here is an excerpt from Lesson #8:

Meanwhile there are practical reasons for looking at your past lives.  Who we have been informs and helps create who we are now.  You experience this in your current embodied life where past actions and decisions affect you currently and it is just as true for your soul and all it has encompassed in all of your lives.  If you can imagine each embodied life as an episode of your favorite TV show called “Your Life” (with no commercials.  Yay!) then each episode has its own beginning, middle, and end, but also has a character story arc that leads from episode to episode because the character learns and grows from each episode experienced.  Such is your life and looking at a past life allows you to view a particular episode.  As with any TV show, jumping into the middle of a season can leave you scratching your head about inside jokes and assumptions which have been fleshed out in previous episodes, so don’t assume everything about a past life you view will make sense.  It may not until put into context.  Also, it is helpful to view a past life with some detachment.  It is a life from the past and a waste of this one if you attempt to relive it.  I like to look at them as an episode from a history or biography channel.  Informative, brief, entertaining, and I come away with salient information, but still go back to being myself in the now.