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“Dear Beautiful Men:

… Love a woman – one woman beyond yourself, beyond desire and reason, beyond your male preferences for youth, beauty and variety and all your superficial concepts of freedom. We have given ourselves so many choices we have forgotten that true liberation comes from standing in the middle of the soul’s fire and burning through our resistance to love.

There is on Goddess in every woman. Look into Her eyes and see – really see if she is the one to bring the axe to your head. If not, walk away. Right now. Don’t waste time ‘trying.’

Know that your decision has nothing to do with her because ultimately it’s not with who, but when we choose to surrender.

…Love a woman all the way through until she believes you, until her instincts, her visions, her voice, her art, her passion, her wildness have returned to her…

…until she is a force of Love more powerful than all the political media demons who seek to devalue and destroy her.”

These words seem to echo from the Akashics themselves. You can see the entire post here: