All journey’s into the Akashics do deep work.  It might not feel like it at the time, but unlike communication or interactions here, things are not happening on just one level when we go there.  For example, if you are seeing things you recognize and being told that you are doing things right, this can seem like ‘so what’ but it probably one of the things we prize most in life: external validation.  You are being seen and acknowledged and approved of by beings that aren’t required to do so.  Pretty neat, huh?

The Akashics gives us the opportunity to do deep work consciously by giving us safe and sacred space to acknowledge and confront our issues, needs, or wounds in order to start the healing process.  Working with animal guides and totems lets us explore aspects of ourselves we might not have recognized or to learn new skills and perspectives that can improve our lives.  Skunk can teach us about not over reacting and about how much power can reside in a very small package.  Lion can teach us about claiming what we desire in a good way and allowing ourselves to flourish with self-respect and with restraint.  Each totem has lessons for us and great wisdom if we are willing to accept it.

The Akashics also gives us the ability to work through issues we have with mothers and fathers whether they are from our family of origin or family of choice or both.  Momma Cass, Bear, Lion, Wolf can all provide insights into the strength of mothers who nurture, but provide good boundaries, who protect but don’t coddle their children.  They are mothers who nurture strong independent children who grow into amazing adults.  Horse, Buffalo, Eagle and the Green Man can provide insights into the support and wisdom and boundless love of the father who protects and supports and nurtures their children, guiding them through gentle strength and the gift of being present until they are ready to go out on their own.  These can be power healing experiences for those who haven’t had them in their current life.

The Akashics is rich in opportunities for deep work.  Where will it lead you?