People seek answers to their questions in the Akashics, which is a good thing. The Akashics has a great deal of wisdom to share.  Many times people have questions not because they don’t know the answer, but because they need verification, validation, support and acknowledgement to act on what they know.  And don’t we all at one point or another in our lives.  No matter who we are it’s nice to hear from someone else that they see things the way we do, agree with our decisions on things, and support us in the actions we are taking.  If it wasn’t then people in power wouldn’t have ‘yes’ men/women around them like a Greek chorus.  They do it because it feels good to be validated.  Many times when working with clients I find that the information in their soul book is a validation of what they already know.  The reading helps them clarify the details and gives them permission to act more directly and with a better understanding of the overall plan, the reasons behind it, and where they are headed.

But there are times when the records in a soul book tell a different story.  We don’t always act in our own best interest and we don’t always like the path that’s ahead of us.  Sometimes truths are hard and sometimes the actions in front of us don’t lead to an immediate happy ending.  Soul books show when current situations are a diversion from hard truths.  They will not provide the sought out validation, unfortunately other than to acknowledge the facts of the situation at hand.  The records will show the consequences of moving forward on that path as well as all the others that are available.

Oracle's Temple at Delphi

Oracle’s Temple at Delphi

Soul books are not like the tarot which provides a means for your soul and your guides and teacher to speak to you about your current situation and things you can do to improve it or avoid negative consequences.  It’s not like the I-ching or working with a medium to get guidance and advice.  It’s much more like the Oracle of Delphi in that it hands out truth but doesn’t direct you towards what to do about that truth.  You get to choose what actions you take or don’t take concerning the matter.

So the question is, do you really want to know?  Do you want validation of the ‘Hail Mary’ pass you are making in your life right now trying to make a bad situation not so bad or make something that’s not working palatable?  Or do you want to know what steps to take to find your authentic life and how to live it?  Are you ready to acknowledge the truth about who you are and who you could be?  I hope so, because that’s where the magic lies. 🙂