I’m a sucker for the videos of soldiers surprising their kids as a welcome home and ads where people tell our military “thanks for your service” but that’s all well and good. But out of sight, out of mind and once I or they have walked past, once the holiday is over, they still deal with the effects of all that service and I’m elsewhere.

So on days like these, instead of more pictures and “daw” moments with expressions of gratitude, I like to spread the word of where we, each and every one of us, can put ourselves out just a little bit and help them to have the life they deserve.

Paws & Stripes helps Veterans have quality of life with the help of service dogs. Where they used to have their brothers in arms to watch their back and get them through, now they can have man’s best friend.


The American Legion is in every city and town, every neighborhood and small hamlet providing community, support, and services to Veterans and their families from the smallest to the largest need. They are a home away from home and a place where people care and understand.


Homes for Our Troops works to provide fully adapted homes for those Veterans who need accommodations in order to provide quality of life for themselves and their families.


So after the clapping and the feel good moment, let’s put our feelings into action.