Every human being is a soul living an embodied life.  I personally do not ascribe to the belief that we live this life in order to try to remember and return to our Spiritual state, constantly failing a little less each time until we reach perfection.  To me this seems like a type of torture that belies the beauty and wonder of being a human being and also ignores the fact that each time we die we immediately go back to our state as Spirit.  So why come down here like yoyo’s constantly to attempt to achieve something we never really stop being and are as soon as we leave the body?  It just doesn’t make sense.

Instead I look at life as an adventure.  Not like going to Disney World although some people do have that kind of life and wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was like that?  No, I believe it’s a true adventure.  We have a map, we have a plan, and we come with some of the necessary skills and knowledge to make it through, but there is a ton of things that we don’t know and can’t know and it’s all a moment to moment experience of the new and the ineffable.  Sometimes we take missteps, sometimes others have set up scenarios that impact us or that were completely unexpected, but to be honest, how boring would it be to know everything ahead of time. What would be the point of going through the motions?

Every soul, is unique.  Each has its own character, its own persona, and its own personality.  This shines through any body that holds it, even though the amount of soul a body can hold is a thimble full by comparison with the whole.  But working with people I get the rare privilege to see their souls working in real-time.  Some are truly manifestations of white light so bright I’m unable to look at them directly, others are conduits for lightning and actuation, still others carry Shakti life force energy which moves like water but looks like air.  It’s amazing to me to see the truth underneath the mask, as it were, and then see how the person is beginning to reconcile the two and remove layers of the mask.  I’m in awe on a regular basis.