Whether it’s the over full To Do list or the closets full of stuff, the things that are important but not critical so they get pushed to the side, or the things we’ll get to someday, our lives tend to get so cluttered both inside and out that we live in the ruts. We make paths for ourselves so that we can maneuver around all of this stuff, so we have room to pack it around with us and not disturb anyone else. We spend day after day carrying around the weight of all that we have to do now and all that we should be doing and all that’s expected of us and all that we want to do but can’t because of everything else.

One of the many blessings of the holiday season is what I call mulching. The Holidays take us out of our ruts, change the scenery around, force us to dig into the closets, and add in different lighting so we have the opportunity to really see things and wake ourselves up our of the habitual daily round. We have our annual chance to start clearing things out, getting a few new things done, change the priorities around for a couple of weeks and make some elbow room in our lives. Yes, there are all kinds of responsibilities and activities and choices specific to these next few months, but they don’t have to eat up all of us. If we’re truly headed into the season of thankfulness and giving, then perhaps we should think of ourselves first, give ourselves a bit of an early present, and get rid of some of the excess baggage we’re carrying around.

Freedom is a gift you can’t get in the store. Unless it’s freedom from the frackin’ Christmas music that is already being played in the stores and that you can get, by walking back out of them. 😛