In the spiritual community there is a lot of focus on going within.  Go into your depths to find yourself.  Go into the dark to discover who you are.  Go inwards to find the truth.  And I’m all for it.  My family and friends will tell you I have no fear of going inwards, looking in the depths, getting my hands dirty and digging deep to find the richness of life.  I revel in it and have to be reminded that life doesn’t require that all the time.  I sometimes need to take the miners lamp off my head and come up for air.  I need to sometimes climb a mountain and look down to get my bearings. 🙂  We all have our burdens.

What isn’t focused on is the journey back again.  It’s almost as if the end of the journey is anticlimactic.  Like the good part is the hard work and the rewards are boring and not worth reporting.  Like they are ratings worthy and so the spiritual news network doesn’t give them any air time.  But Spring is the time of Emergence and this year of the Horse is not taking it easy on us.  This spring we don’t need to go anywhere for the lessons to come, for the insights and the “aha!” moments.  They are coming at us from all sides in their stretchy, new, awkward, confusing, and frolicsome newness.

Things that we hoped for in fall, that we despaired of or put to bed in winter, are not only waking up in spring, but they’ve gestated.  They have grown full fledged while we were hibernating and now they are out and about demanding our attention, our participation, and willingness to go where we have never been, to be who we have not yet become.  “Come on!” they are saying as we shake off our slumbers and look around us.  No time for getting prepared, no time for figuring things out, it’s time to go.  And with Horse year, if we don’t get off our duff and go we’ll be left in the dust or things will run away with us.  So go with the flow.  Don’t over think it.  Let go of the old ways you’ve done things and jump into the opportunities being offered.  You asked for it.  You got it.  Let’s go!