Isn’t it interesting how there are times in our lives where we decide that, for some reason, the state we are in is the way it is always going to be henceforward?  Even though that’s never the case because things are constantly changing inside and outside of us in every moment we’re alive?  But we go there.  We proclaim to the world that we will never get over something like the breakup or the loss of a loved one or the ending of a career.  But we do.  It’s not that we aren’t changed.  Something like that changes us, without question.  Doesn’t matter about proclamations in the moment.  The world just keeps on spinning.

I like emotions to the movement of water.  They can be like spring storms moving through, or they can be mellow like a creek on a summer day, or they can be the river and we the fall leaves floating wherever the current takes us.  Yes, every once in a while someone tries so hard not to feel something, to control something by not allowing it to be, goes so into denial that their emotions become frozen.  I have met people whose emotions were like a frozen bond.  Nothing touched them, everything skated over them, slipped around them, looked on their beauty but were unable to connect with it.  And that’s the only time I have seen emotions become permanent.  The amount of control it takes to make that happen is monumental and life consuming, so for most people, it just ain’t gonna happen.

One of the few constants in life is change.  Emotions, situations, the way we live changes in response to our internal becoming and our interactions with the world.  Emotions can feel absolute and fixed in the moment and there are times when the emotion needs to be the center of attention not just for a moment, but for weeks and even months.  Some emotions simply need to be swum through not dipped into.  But in the end they all move, fast or slow, they all go.

So when you get into that space where you feel the declaration coming on, let it out.  It’s the only way to get past it and onto the next thing.  Irony.