“Ok, so I’m being in the moment with my emotions and listening to them, but what the heck are they saying and what does it mean?????!!!!”  Every time I talk about emotional process and logic and knowing I try to emphasize that it looks and acts nothing like the brain, which is where we are currently living the majority of our lives.  Our emotions aren’t linear, they don’t progress in straight lines, and they refuse to obey or even acknowledge future plans, current schedules, or the social niceties of the moment.  Sometimes they can be asked to wait patiently for the appropriate time to be processed, but other times they can’t.  And right now is a time when a number of people out in the world are processing not inconsequential emotional change, healing, and transition.

Seems that lots of people are working on their relationships at the moment and we are entering into a moon that fosters that kind of work so this is probably going to increase over the next few weeks.  For those in one that is working well things might get a bit more fun, exciting or even spicy.  For those where one is struggling a bit opportunities will arise to have good conversations and work through issues so life gets better.  For those that aren’t working or are needing to transition into something else, the opportunities are going to flare up to deal with that as well. All of which is highly emotional and most of those emotions we’re unfamiliar with, don’t know what to do with, and don’t know how the in the moment process works.

Here’s the thing:  Keep your brain out of it.  Brains are problem solvers and having big emotions around things is something the brain thinks is a problem.  It will try to stop the emotion or any actions that the emotions want to take, try to calm the emotions, stuff them, make them bad or wrong or something broken that needs to be fixed.  Don’t be fooled.  Back the brain up and make it wait its turn.  Don’t feel like doing what’s on the agenda today?  Then don’t.  The world will end if you don’t?  Um…probably not, actually.  If it absolutely has to be done, use that emotional energy to make it a mission and you will sail through it.  If it doesn’t, listen to your soul and your gut and do what you need to do for you.

Emotions of this nature come and go like the tides, fully in at one moment then receding back again.  Go with it. It’s not bipolar, it’s appropriate emotional process.  Can’t keep up your “normal” life?  Well, that’s the point. You’re changing your normal into a new normal.  You’ll get back to it sooner than you think and it will be better for this little hiatus.  Don’t struggle, lean in and go with the flow.  It’ll go faster, you’ll learn more about who you actually are, and come out better for it in the end.