Some of us forget to do it. Others are taught that somehow all the doing for others is supposed to magically get it done.  In the end, we need to remember what we tell every small child with enough dexterity to pick up a Cheerio, feed yourself.  EAT, please!

train that don't comeWe make the mistake of thinking that what we are putting out in the world will feed us and there are times when it will to a certain extent and many times when it won’t.  No passion or career will fulfill all of your needs at any given time and just like you wouldn’t healthily live on a diet of only kale or only chocolate, you shouldn’t depend solely on one thing to feed your soul or even make you happy.  You need to feed yourself.  Waiting for the Universe to do it or other people or even a loved on to provide the sustenance you need is waiting for a train that don’t come. It is a bit like converting something that is a basic need of existence into a reward for good behavior.  There’s real life examples of this, but they are unflattering.  This is what we do with prisoners of war, the incarcerated, the irredeemable.  Why would this in any way be a system we would use and think it would support our own health mental or otherwise?

We need to be responsible and consciously participating members of the web of life.  That means not only putting out our unique gifts, experiences, and voice into the world, but making sure we keep ourselves healthy and whole, fed and rested and recreated so that we are not a drain or strain on others.  Being who we are not only requires us to express ourselves authentically, it also requires us to nurture ourselves. If we don’t respect ourselves in our actions, feed ourselves, give to ourselves the bare minimum we would give to any child in our vicinity let alone one we are connected to, then how can we expect others to do so?  So look at the daily list of things to “get done” and deselect like 2 or 20 or 40 and start adding in some things that feed you instead.  Not only will the universe respond because now you’re not being all needy and demanding with your inside voice, but you’ll begin to see how much easier it is to give and create and express because you have the fuel to do it with.  It’s a win for everyone.  So EAT, please!