Have you noticed that when you are really into doing something, you can forget time altogether, not feel hungry, and when you’re done you still feel great?  And when you are bored or unhappy or feeling stuck all you can think about is food?

Feeding ourselves is not just about our bodies, in fact many times it has nothing to do with our bodies at all.  When we put food in our bodies we shut energy into the process of breaking down that food into nutrients and processing it. And our bodies send out signals of goodness or thankfulness for having what it thinks it needs.  So for a small amount of time our energy level goes down and we feel satisfied.  Which, if you have anxiety or fear or depression or boredom, makes us feel emotionally better for a small amount of time.

However, if we take actions, other than eating, to change the situation for the better, we wouldn’t need the food.  So what if we fed ourselves a little attention, something fun to do even if it is as small as wearing a funny hat, and see what the day is like?  Do you think it might feed your soul and keep you from eating that extra handful of chips?  You’d be surprised.