People will do a lot of crazy things in order to not confront what they fear.  They will cart around elephants, plant them in the middle of the room, then steadfastly ignore them.  Heaven help us if multiple people bring elephants because they become exponentially difficult for everyone else to ignore when they begin rough housing with each other and things get broken. 🙁  People will find a multitude of ways to distract themselves including causing drama and difficulty among others, putting themselves in difficult and absorbing situations, over working, self medicating, and constantly doing anything else than looking at the one thing that is lurking, waiting for them to turn around.

It’s the adult version of the monster in the closet.  The darker it gets, the longer we avoid it, the bigger and more horrifying the monster gets until it is completely overwhelming and all we can do is hid under the covers and pray for rescue.  And yet we know that rarely if ever is there an actual monster in the closet.  Unless the dust bunnies have gotten out of control or last year’s Halloween costume is in there.  When we actually get up the courage to open the closet and turn on the light, what we are confronted with is us.  Our clothes, our things, our scent, the stuff of our lives.  Nothing horrifying except maybe those pants you thought would actually work one day.  Seriously?  What were you thinking.  And nobody cares how much the ‘grunge’ look or ‘distressed’ is in right now.  Worn out is worn out.  Throw it out for goodness sake!

The dark is not the enemy and there is no monster lurking within.  The dark is an invitation.  It’s the means by which you can see your own inner light.  It’s a reminder that you are amazing and part of how you got that way is through the difficult times, the struggle, the mistakes and the pain.  Just because you aren’t perfect doesn’t mean your light isn’t bright and beautiful.  Nobody is perfect and that’s not the goal so throw that out with the other worn out things in that closet.  You are amazing and that warm light that makes you feel safe and cared for and happy is you.  Today is the day to spend time basking in it.  Let go of the fear and find your light.