I love it when I look in someone’s soul book and see that they have an array of potential partner contracts to work with and not just one.  Everyone wants that magical prince(ss) to come and sweep them off their feet, provide for all their needs emotional and otherwise, and with which they will live happily ever after.  We’re told in a variety of venues that this exact person A) exists and B) is out there looking for us/waiting to be found.  What we steadfastly and with huge amounts of glee ignore is that this is the basis for most romantic tragedies and almost never works out for anyone ever.  Having just one person who is our perfect match means that if even one very small thing goes wrong, we’ll never connect with them and will live always longing and forever alone even if we’re with someone else.  You know, that one butterfly flapping its wings which causes a hurricane across the world? Yep, it screwed up your love life too.

LOL.  Luckily, for most people that’s most decidedly not the case. Whew!  So let’s set romance/tragedy aside for a moment since most of us do not live in romance novels or TV dramas or action movies.  Most of us lead much more fulfilling and well-rounded lives where we can have so much more than that.  Yay!  Another thing that people steadfastly ignore is that a real relationship has so much more to offer than the romantic/tragic soul mate connection that is foisted upon us.  Having a real relationship means not only that we don’t need to be rescued or swept anywhere, that we are healthy and meeting our own needs, but also that because of this we have plenty to share with a partner.  They don’t have to discover it, it isn’t hidden by a wicked stepmonster, but is out there in the world for all to see because we’re living our lives out in the open.  And so are they.  Yay!!!  We can therefore see them in all their perfect imperfections and they can see us and together that makes a we that is better than the sum of our parts.  So instead of being an incomplete looking for that completer piece we’re ourselves and looking to invite someone else to share themselves with us and vice versa.

This is what I see when I look at people’s soul books about relationships.  An array of contracts where we have the option to be with a variety of people who would fit that bill.  They would meet all of our particular criteria for who we are and what we are planning to do in this lifetime and have much to offer and that both would complement the other.  I describe it as flavors of ice cream.  When you go into the ice cream store you’re going to get ice cream. Hurrah!  But there are so many flavors.  It’s all ice cream, but from there you get to pick which is right for you.  There are no wrong choices.  Chocolate is not better than blue berry which is not better than French Vanilla.  It’s all ice cream. Feel free to sample and test and change your mind and be free of the need to discern which ice cream is the one most connected to and perfect for your soul.  Your soul is more multifaceted than that.  Your heart is bigger than that. Your life is more vast and amazing than that.