It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s traditional to make resolutions for the year ahead. We try to figure out what happened over the past year, what the take aways are, what we could have done better, should have done, were successful at, and have to work with in the next year. From this we make a bunch of promises, set our intentions, and start fresh with a new year and possibly a hang over.

Things are a bit different this year. People started looking forward to a new year coming fairly early on because this one was hard. It was good in ways, surprising in many, and really hard in others. So most people not only know what they want for next year, they’ve carved it in stone, written it in diamonds on gold medallions, knitted it into ugly sweaters, and instead of enjoying fireworks displays they are burning the remains of 2016 in dumpsters.

So instead of setting intentions which have already been set months ago, making plans over things we’ve already planned out in our head a thousand times, let this New Year’s Eve be about the follow through. Let it be a time we give ourselves permission to take the next steps, to roll up our sleeves and make the necessary changes, to implement what we’ve learned and become so we manifest the future we’ve decided to have this coming year. 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. Let’s spread our wings.