It can be a so frustrating when there are a ton of things to get done and every task is shouting as loud as it can and you can’t hear and you can’t think except all you can do is think because there are so many things to get done. The ones that are a priority are like a hot poker jabbing you and yet there are so many other things that need to happen too and when are they going to get dealt with and meanwhile everyone else that depends on you needs things and wants things and you need to do this and that and the other just to keep  things moving so you can focus on what needs to get done.  In all that whirl you spend a huge amount of your time and energy just keeping things on course, keeping all the agendas straight, and making sure that everything goes the way it’s supposed to go even though everything in you is chaotic and trying to yank you of course.

Which is the best time to give in.  Give in to your need to do this thing and then that thing and then this other thing over here, all out of “logical” order and all out of your carefully figured out prioritized and authorized order.  Let yourself get yanked around.  It’s not like you’re going off course or throwing everything up in the air so you can run screeching to the nearest bar.  Although throwing everything up in the air and seeing where it lands is actually a fun way to give in.  We are completely ok with handing authority over our time to everyone else in our lives, but think it’s frivolous and victimizing when random situations take control.  Why not let a little random in.  You might find that you get energized by it.  That things go smoother, more gets done, and you have a better time doing it.

The thing about all those competing priorities and all the things shouting at you is that in part it’s your soul that is shouting at you.  Trying to get you to let go of the control death grip you have on things, the shackles of logic and common sense and responsibility before frivolous fun, the needs that include everything and everyone except you, so that you can enter back into the equation.  It’s not even asking you to stop what you’re doing, for goodness sake.  Just asking you to stop doing it in the incredibly logical and absolutely contrary way you’re working to make it happen.  Giving in to what seems random and scattered and unproductive might be the most productive thing you do all day.  Go with it. Give in.  You’ll be amazed at what you get back.