Focus is a very good thing. Being able to channel our energy and resources and attention into the actions necessary to achieve a goal is crucial to making our dreams a reality.  Or to getting the bills paid and keeping food on the table.  And anything in between if it comes to that.  This can look like someone working steadily at one goal until it’s achieved such as a degree or a promotion or a case or a sports season.   But it can also look like a juggling act of multitasking, putting varying amounts of effort into achieving a range of goals in various states of completion.  In either case, what usually gets left out of the mix is focus on the self.

When there’s stress or tension or fixation or heavy manifestation going on, the self seems to get put on the back-burner or squeezed out entirely.  Who has time to slow down, do something nice, have a moment to themselves, or plan something fun when there’s work to be done?  When the bills need to get paid?  When everything is being thrown into making this thing happen?  But that’s the thing.  If we don’t have some of our focus on ourselves things sneak up on us like burnout or exhaustion or illness.  We can start making bad decisions because any and all of those affect our ability to think straight.  Relationships suffer because no attention is being paid to them.  Our quality of life suffers even as we’re trying to gain a better quality of life.

It’s important to give ourselves what we need.  Our focus needs to be just as much inward as it is outward.  If we’re doing so much out there that we aren’t doing anything in here, then we can get caught in the trap of wanting someone else to come and do it for us, which never works out well.  To have quality of life we need to provide it for ourselves, one moment at a time.  We need to value ourselves as much as what we’re doing and treat ourselves accordingly.  Tomorrow is tomorrow and will take care of itself.  Today, give yourself what you need.  You’re the only one who can.