Remember that thing you used to do once upon a time?  You know the one.  The one that made you smile and that smile lasted for hours and hours afterwards.  The thing that had nothing to do with being productive or meeting a deadline or “getting things done.”  That thing that made you feel alive and even brought on some laughter.  If you remember back with the wisdom you have now, you might notice that it’s part of what gave you that glowing healthy feeling.  All the doing and the smiling and the laughing added up to “being” and it was good.

Yeah, well, you can never go back home again, right?  I mean, you’re too old for that.  You don’t have time for frivolous things, you’ve got stuff to do.  Everyone else needs you to do things for them and they’re the most important.  So it’s lovely to remember, but that’s all done now……ROFL  That’s hilarious.  Tell me another one while you’re at it.  I love a good whopper story.  muwhahahahahahahahahahahah….ahem…sorry.  No, you can never go back to being who you were then, but why would you?  Why give up all the good stuff you’ve gained since then in experience and wisdom, in abilities and confidence, in voice and family and community? If you went back you’d lose all that and would repeat not appreciating what you had.  Instead, bring then into this now.  Like the famous quote from Real Genius where Val Kilmer says “I used to be you and lately I’ve been missing me so I asked Dr. Hathaway if I could room with me again and he said ‘OK’ so…”

There are all manner of ways you can not only remember what made you happy but update it for today.  None of which include making it the last priority on a very long list, cramming it into an already crammed schedule, or making it one more item “To Do.”  Enjoyed reading a good book all the way to the end, then put aside everything else for the evening and read something good.  Even schedule a weekend afternoon at a library or a favorite bookstore.  Like making things?  Set up a making things space and set aside some time every couple of days or each week that is specifically for making things.  Want to travel, start using your travel know how to create day trips for yourself.  Almost everyone suffers from the “I never do those things because I live here. That’s for tourists.”  Be a tourist.  Want to dance, there are a tons of classes and places to go.  Pick a night and make it a destination night out.  You get the idea.  Even people who have done what they enjoyed their entire lives don’t do it the same way they did when they first discovered it.  Over time they have changed, their relationship to the process changed, and so how they do it has changed.  Make your own now.  Not “if I get everything else done” because you aren’t a child any longer and there’s no homework to do for tomorrow.  You are the adult. You are the one making the rules.  You control what you do when you do it so start making your happiness one of the rules your life is structured on.  It will only benefit, oh I don’t know, everyone you know?  I mean, happiness is contagious, right?

So, are you remembering yet?