No matter what type of spiritual work you’re doing -ceremony, altars, meditation, grace before meals, healing work- the way you end the process needs to be just as graceful and thought out as your start.  I know any number of practitioners that no longer work in group because they raise energy and focus it on a goal and then just walk away from the ceremony without grounding themselves, without releasing connections, and without checking in to make sure that everyone is well and complete and finished with the process.  While there is great benefit in group work, sometimes it’s the cost benefit ratio just doesn’t work out.

When I teach ways in which to access and work with the Akashics, I’m careful to make sure that the entry is gentle, the interactions with guides and other beings is respectful to all, that leave-taking is equally so, and that the return is gradual and gentle, yet firmly complete.  This bookending for beginning and end allows the person to focus on the experience and work with what they have learned and gained without any unnecessary efforts to tie up loose ends which they may or may not realize exist.

So as they say in Under the Tuscan Sun, “…the beginnings and endings should be FUN! FUN! FUN!”  Yes, there will always be exceptions.  Sometimes healing just needs to happen Right Now and sometimes you have to get out of a situation post-haste.  But if you’re not dealing with those situations, try to be as excited and engaged in the ending process as you are at the beginning.  Because each ending is a doorway into something new and who knows what opportunities are forming through your willingness to be present during the transition.