Love Birds On NestIt’s the first of May. Spring is in full swing.  Birds are nesting, eggs are being laid, and soon there will be chicks hatching. New life will come into being.  Beltane is a time of lusty, robust procreation. It’s the time for things springing forth into being. Don’t cha just love it?

Of course, in all the “daw…” of it we selectively ignore things about the process. All the work that went into creating the nest, the gestating to create the eggs, the messy and painful process of producing the eggs, and then the waiting and fluffing until the eggs hatch. Then there is the caring and the feeding and the defending….

Beltane is a time when we need to celebrate life, but also remember that we too may be in a birthing process. If things are chaotic, stressed, strained to the breaking point, if everything seems to be on hold and just waiting for one more thing to set it all in motion, well that’s Beltane. Once the egg cracks everything will be in motion. Take this pause to get things as prepared as possible because once you here that crunchy noise, everything starts moving again at its own speed. It will be wondrous and awful and amazing. It will be everything you want and everything you didn’t know you want and there will be messes to clean up along the way.

So Happy Beltane and here’s to the cracking open….