There are a lot of opinions out there on the subject, but to my mind, Valentines Day is about love.   The marketing and the hype trying to get it to be about romantic love and to sell us things so we can give things to significant others.  And I’m not opposed to that at all actually.  Support your local economy, though, please.  However, when you’re not in a romantic relationship, it can feel like the entire season is a set up to make you feel bad.  Unless you get them for yourself you won’t be having a romantic evening and receiving presents and being surrounded by loving feelings.  Not that a holiday can guarantee that for you anyway.  Just ask about any person married more than 5 years.  🙂

I remember having a conversation with some of my single friends a few years ago.  Over adult beverages the subject of Valentines Day came up and there was complaining and wistful sighing and regretful silences abounding.  I was a bit surprised and asked why all the ennui.  They gave me the usual explanations about the holiday being about romance and not having significant others and being left out.  And so I asked them why they couldn’t have romance or why they should feel left out.  I got stunned and confused looks from them as if I had just started talking a foreign language randomly.  I pointed out that there was no reason for the day to be unromantic.  We could have a Valentines event of our own.  I mean, come on!  Have we not been programmed from birth with the knowledge of what is required for Valentines?

Romance – gather favorite romantic chick flicks.  CHECK
Atmosphere – candles, incense, balloons or other sparklies.  CHECK
Imbibables – sparkling liquid (juice/champagne) or chocolate (hot/tea).  CHECK
Food – Everything sweet and multiple types of chocolate.  CHECK
Attire – Whatever is most comfortable and feels right in the moment. CHECK
Pet – optional but if you have one, snuggle them up good and you can bring them a treat too.

And there you have it.  Instant Valentines that fits the bill and makes  you feel that warm fuzzy feeling.  Well, maybe that’s all the sugar and/or alcohol, but so what!  Everyone got into the spirit of things, we combined items we already had with a little shopping at the local merchant and ended up with a fun evening for all.  Loving yourself is just as appropriate on this day as any other.  So there, Hallmark!