Working in the Akashics is healing. Being embodied is a bit like living in a space suit or a deep water diving suit. They allow you to do what you are intending to do in an environment which isn’t natural to you with the tradeoff being you are restricted from being fully yourself. Connecting consciously with the Akashics is like being back in regular atmosphere. You can breathe and move freely, feel supported and let go of the constant need for self-monitoring and environmental alertness. It’s a bit like coming home because it is our home. Souls are created and reside in the Akashics, our natural habitat.

Beyond the ambient healing properties of the Akashics there are souls there who are classified as healers. These are mature souls who have the interest, aptitude, and dedication to take on the service of providing healing for souls in need. Just like an athlete who overworks or mistakenly moves incorrectly, souls can be injured in the normal course of their existence. Most issues heal automatically, but sometimes we need help from someone else. 

For those who are seeking healing or who just want to know more about what the Akashics has to offer, here is meditation for working with an Akashic Healer.