Healing is a process and rarely a linear one.  Even with a scrape or a cut the process usually goes in a linear fashion from bleeding to healed over with new skin right up until something messes with the scab.  We scratch it, it gets snagged on something, somehow the scab comes off and we are two steps back in the process.  Many of our ailments and injuries are much more complicated and interconnected than that and so the healing process becomes only vaguely linear.

Over time western culture has taught us that there are four distinct components to existence -mind/emotions/soul/body- and while tenuously linked and some having influences on others each has its own illnesses and remedies so each must be dealt with individually.  And there are specialists for each one that try not to tread on each other’s toes.  Which is all well and good except for the fact that we aren’t built of four cogs working independently.  We are one being and these components are integrated, interrelated, and work together for better or worse.  So every healing process includes them all in a tapestry which allows us to rebuild and reclaim our selves as whole and becoming human beings.

I run into this with clients as they go through a major healing process.  They may be focused on the physical aspects because those are most urgent and negatively effecting their ability to function in the world.  But after a few weeks or months of working with the Akashics and with holistic healing practices an emotional issue comes up.  Perhaps a relationship that has been iffy or doa does a final disintegration.  Or the mind kicks in and says it’s now time to make that decision that has been on hold for years because of all the fear around it.  The person sees these things as separate events often because healing is for the body and the rest of this is, to them, seemingly disconnected.  But it’s not.  I point out to my clients that the healing process has more components to it than they realize and that it will take longer than they think because they are healing everything connected with the issue and that includes the mind and the emotions.  It also includes the soul which knows what is the best action to take in any moment and so is guiding the process along as best it can.

Working with the Akashics can bring this into focus because when you ask for healing, the guides and healers there look at the issue holistically and start peeling the onion, as it were, from the outer layers inward.  And what they see as part of the onion and as layers of the onion are things that most students have never connected before.  So the process starts with confusion and possibly frustration, then moves to ‘aha!’ and then goes through the deep process of emotional and physical healing which brings more ‘aha! moments and so on and so on.  True healing, holistic healing, doesn’t use magic bullets or wands or special pills.  It takes patience and persistence and willingness to go where you never thought you’d have to go, into the deepest, darkest, most precious parts of yourself.