Working with the Akashics is a healing experience.  A number of my students report that the first time they go through the meditation they spontaneously cry and usually cry through the session.  They may do this a second time, but usually by the third time with the meditation the emotions have been released.  They also share about meeting beloved pets they have lost coming to them as their animal guides and/or scenes from their past playing out for them so that they receive message from a loved one or create closure around an outstanding incident.

And that’s the unconscious, let’s just get this off the plate so we can start working, healing that the Akashics provides.  There is much, much more.  But like all other aspects of the Akashics, it requires participation because of the individual’s free will.  Although I might be surprised one of these days, I’m fairly sure that the Healing Faery isn’t going to appear to anyone and tap them on the head with a healing wand and say “Ok, now you’re perfect. Go enjoy!”  We’ll see what happens.  🙂

So if you wish to engage with the Akashics in order to heal something, there are a few things to keep in mind:  1) The Akashics is a holistic place.  Healing will happen on all levels which may surprise you if you don’t realize there are mental/emotional/spiritual aspects to a physical ailment you’re experiencing or vice versa. 2) There will be homework.  Healing isn’t a passive process, it requires your full participation.  3) You will get out of the process what you put into it.  Half hearted efforts will get you half hearted results. 4) You need to ask for what you want.  If you want a healer to help you with the process, ask for one, don’t just hope one will show up.  If you want to know what each step along the way means and what it’s doing for you, ask.

There’s more than just information in the Akashics and information comes in more than just words and symbols.  It’s in experience as well.  If you need healing, ask for it and let it inform your life going forward.