Each of us on this planet has a purpose; a reason for being here that goes beyond survival, goes beyond immediate family.  Each of us has a purpose that we are uniquely suited for and which improves ourselves, the lives of others, and the Universe at large.  This purpose can lead us towards our best and highest selves and help us leave a legacy behind so that we are known and remembered lovingly after we are gone.

But how do we know what that purpose is and how do we achieve it?

The Akashic Records holds a record or book for every soul that has ever existed.  That book is not only a history of everything the soul has ever done, but is also a guide to the purpose of that soul in this lifetime.  It is a record of all the guidance that the soul’s spiritual advisers gave during preparation for this life as well as a resource for help along the way and support for succeeding.

By having your soul book read for you, you can access information about your purpose in this lifetime and gain valuable advice on how to achieve it, what stumbling blocks to avoid as well as gaining information on how your spiritual guides and advisers can help you along the way.

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Change Your Life

Teri Uktena works to help people change their lives, to help them achieve their dreams, find divine purpose, and achieve happiness through Akashic Readings. She works with clients to help them remember the spiritual goals they have set for themselves in this life, the true and glorious perfected spirit they are even today, and the opportunities and challenges that await them in the now and in the future.

“Life isn’t easy for the majority of us and everyone needs help along the way.  Information from the Akashics can support you in your current concerns as well as your long-term goals.” -Teri Uktena

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