Our bodies are not meat cars we’re driving around in, they are integral to our embodied life and therefore interrelated to our soul, our emotions, and our minds.  They don’t fight against our best life, they work to help us achieve it.  This doesn’t mean they become Jesus and carry us so there is only one set of footprints.  Nor do they become co-dependent aiding us in doing things we shouldn’t be doing in hopes that some day we’ll get better.  Our bodies aren’t some external thing, they are us.  And in an amazing array of ways just as intricate and complex and interwoven as the rest of our lives, they work to help us become the best being we can be.

Sometimes we choose to come into a life where the body is not what would be considered 100% functional whether that’s from a chronic illness, an injury, a birth defect or other issue.   Rarely is this a karmic punishment and more often it is a means of experiencing a variety of life and life lessons which accelerate the soul growth of the person by leaps and bounds.  Or it may be that they have chosen this path not to aid themselves, but to aid others through their lives, their stories, their inspiring actions and ability to follow their path regardless of physical impairment.

Most of us deal with illness and injury which is an indicator that some process is going on in our life not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally, etc.  A cold helps us purge things we no longer need to hold onto.  The flu and stomach flu do so in more dramatic ways.  Minor injuries can point to issues depending on where they occur or can be a way for your body to put the brakes on too much activity and get you to rest.  Same with migraines and stress headaches.  Other illnesses could be means of getting rid of family trauma suffered in childhood, pointing towards behaviors that result from unresolved issues, or challenges that the person has finally reached because they are ready to confront your demons and move forward into the next phase of life.

Having illness and injury is not an indictment.  It is not a punishment from on high.  It is not an indicator that the person is WRONG or ignorant or willful or evil.  It is unfortunately common to hear people judge others based on the fact that they are suffering some kind of physical issue.  For some reason the body’s perfection or lack thereof, for some in the spiritual community, has become a measuring stick for how enlightened the person is.  It is as if the goal of being embodied is to achieve perfect.

But life is not about perfect.  We have perfect at home in the Akashics.  If we wanted perfection there would be no need for us to embody at all.  Life is about living.  It’s about getting dirty, making mistakes, experiencing life to its fullest.  It’s not about bringing Question Me Lesshome a perfect body, but skating into home plate having used it up, still sipping an adult beverage, eating chocolate and screaming “Whoo Hoo”.  Bodies that are struggling in one way or another are an indicator that the person is human.  That they are alive and doing exactly what they are meant to do.  And unless we ask, unless we question with an open mind and heart, we can’t know what that journey is.  Perhaps they don’t either.  That’s one thing the body is great at, being a road sign that points us in the right direction when we’ve gotten off course.

So when I hear people making pronouncements about the health of others and judgement them by it, I head this quote from Underworld Awakening:  “You question me less until you know a bit more.”