The most effective means for connecting with the higher self is to enter into non-linear communication. This can be done by Akashic meditation which allows us to travel up the Prana channel past the linear time filter and into conscious reunion with the higher self. The communication achieved through this process is non-linear, timeless and all encompassing, bringing wisdom and centeredness to the self and, if requested, activating our ability to manifest more fully the life we came to live in this embodiment

This can also be done by inviting the higher self to descend more fully into the embodiment.  This process can be thought of as being hugged by someone who loves us unconditionally and who is standing behind or even somewhat above us. The communication, rather than being processed by the mind then filtered to the emotions and body through a guided meditation, will be processed through the body and the emotions then filter up to the mind. This can be unsettling to some who rely on knowing how something works or what something is before allowing it to become part of their lived experience. With practice, however, it can become an amazing resource not only for knowledge and wisdom, but holistic health and an improved sense of the self within the interconnected world and universe beyond.

For those who are called to a closer relationship with their higher self or who just want to know more about what the Akashics has to offer, here is meditation for facilitating that connection.