People get confused on the whole good bad thing.  LOL  ahem…I mean the spiritual messages about not holding onto anger, turning the other cheek, letting go of the negative, and keeping a positive attitude are very true and great wisdom to impart to us.  But none of these messages tell us not to feel hurt or confused, uncomfortable or angry.  None of them say that we should be happy through the pain as if it isn’t painful. They aren’t saying that anger is a negative thing, just that we shouldn’t hold onto it.  We’re not supposed to become unfeeling happiness machines that don’t acknowledge difficult times or situations or issues.  They speak to how we should deal with these once they occur. However, people work incredibly hard to not have them or react like outraged aristocrats when they do telling themselves: “How dare you?”

I talk with people who take matters to the extreme.  They have somehow got in their heads that being positive means always being happy no matter what happens in life.  And, conversely, that if they stay positive all the time they will attract only positivity in their life.  As you can imagine, they struggle on a daily basis with themselves and with life in general because neither of these actually works.  This world full of beings all free willing in every moment, all with different agendas trying to figure things out, all with varying motivations mostly positive but still (sometimes positive really is in the eye of the beholder) is the world we live in.  Even if all we interact with are situations where the best and highest good is the goal and the agenda, we’re still going to bump into each other, scrape against each other unintentionally, and cause damage that needs to be dealt with.  If we pretend that hurts haven’t happened, if we don’t acknowledge that damage has been done, then what is probably a minor incident can become gangrene or sepsis and…well you get the idea.

We have a full range of emotions not so we can learn to not have them, but because they are necessary for us to fully live.  They are one of the gifts of embodied life.  With encasement in bodies we are free to feel our feelings without their impacting others the way we do when we are souls who communicate telepathically and empathically.  We can emote as much as we like without hurting a soul and then choose how to express ourselves into the world.  Trying to control our emotions in a manner that prevents us from having them is a violence that we do to ourselves and a betrayal.  Our emotions are our soul speaking to us, trying to help us navigate the world.  Instead of forcing them to be something else, we should be listening to them.  The wisdom they impart is unparalleled.