So, you do know that you are right there all the time, right?  Just checking.  All humor aside, although it can get drowned out in all the daily ‘doing’ that we go through and all the constant chatter from everywhere.  In fact a huge portion of our lives seems to be sorting through the trivial and the non-sensical just to get through the day.  Just like with sound we have become habituated to a high level of ‘noise’ in our lives and this prevents us from hearing the quieter, richer voices like our own which are trying to speak to us.

Ok, so this sounds like it’s heading for ‘unplug’ rhetoric, but not so.  That would be hypocritical since I’m a fairly plugged in person myself.  However, if you’re unsatisfied with how your life is going right now, you want to change your life to something better, you want to start working towards your true life’s purpose or just something better, then you need to find the balance. You can start just by making choices about how much noise you allow in your life.  Evaluate what makes you feel good long-term, what actually makes you smile, and what is just noise or actually makes things less smile worthy. Then turn off the noise.

If you can do that, you might have a chance at locating yourself or at least figuring out the general area where you actually are.  And if you don’t know, how can anyone else find you, see you, appreciate you or love you?